August 01, 2018

Building a successful Business depends on doing a lot of things well - including planning, organizing, marketing, and connecting with people - as well as selling products.


Regulators consider selling products to end-user customers one of the critical attributes of a legitimate multilevel marketing system.  With an Amway Independent Business,

no one makes money unless products are sold to end-user customers.  It is important to understand how this works.  Best Practices outline key requirements and guidelines to

ensure that retailing - selling products to customers - is a key component of every IBO business.


The Customer Volume Rule (Rule 4.13 of the Rules of Conduct) is a requirement (CVR) that applies to IBOs who have not yet reached the Platinum level.  To earn a bonus on

sales volume made by downline IBOs during a given month, these IBOs must:


Have at least 50 PV in sales to any number of retail customers




Make at least one sale to 10 different retail customers


Please also refer to the Best Practice regarding the 70/30% Rule 4.12.  You can view this on the IBOAI website,  


We have exclusive lines of products that offer great value to be marketed to customers.  And Amway continues to make it easier to complete and track your sales.  While IBOs are

only required to achieve CVR for bonus payments on downline volume, we recommend that all IBOs use Customer Sales Activity (CSA), or Auto-Capture to record all of their sales.


These are helpful tools for keeping track of customers.  Sales are considered Auto-Capture if customers purchase on the Amway or Personal Retail Websites on their own, or

if you purchase for them using their customer ID numbers.  CSA allows you to report sales.  CSA or Auto-Capture is needed for participation in company incentives and promotions

(e.g. Fast Track Incentive Program rewards and the Growth Incentives Program).


When IBOs share the Plan with prospects, they must always discuss selling of product.  It is not acceptable to present the Plan without explaining how and why sale of products

to end-user customers is an essential component of building a solid, successful, sustainable and profitable independent Amway Business.