July 01, 2018

As an Amway Independent Business Owner, you are talking to others about making that same potentially life-changing decision.  Whether it's your first time talking about the Amway Independent Business Opportunity and showing the Amway  IBO Compensation Plan (for simplicity we will call it the Plan in this Best Practices Message) - or the 100th - taking a few minutes to revisit the basics will help you

fulfill your obligations as an  IBO.


  • When you are inviting a prospect to hear a presentation of the Plan, it is important that you make it clear that what is being described or offered is the

Amway  Independent Business Opportunity.  Keep in mind, anytime you are talking with a prospect, your statements must be truthful, accurate and not misleading. 

And, if you are inviting your prospect to a meeting where the Plan will be presented, you cannot require the prospect to buy a ticket for the meeting.


  • Don't forget - whenever you describe the Plan to a prospect, you must describe the role of a balanced business - retail sales, personal use and sponsoring.  It is the sale of products that produces income.


  • If you are going to talk about income - remember all income representations must be limited to income from the Plan, must be based on personal experience and should provide realistic income potential.  It is critical that any materials that you use are materials provided by or authorized by the Corporation for use with prospects under Rules 5 and 7 of the Rules of Conduct.  And remember - when presenting the Plan - and talking about personal use of products - savings are just that -- savings.  They are not to be represented as profit or income from your Amway Independent Business.


  • Whenever you seek the participation of a prospect in the Plan - make sure your prospect receives a copy of the then current version of the Amway Business Opportunity Brochure (the ABOB).


Note: While Amway has also created video versions of some of the ABOB's contents - the video does not replace the requirement to provide the printed ABOB.


This Best Practices Message gave you a few highlights - you can review Rules 5 and 7 for the full details of your responsibilities with prospects and what comes next if your prospects become valued team members in your Amway Independent Business.