April 01, 2018

When you think of social media networking sites such as Facebook®, Twitter®,  YouTube®, and Instagram™ and the new sites that seem to continue to surface –

you think of how they might be helpful in the building of your Amway Independent Business.   Whether it is to improve your connections to the IBOs on your team,

make existing relationships stronger, and in the proper setting, provide timely product info to customers or generate leads  - your Business may benefit. 

We want to help you be successful with the proper use of social media.


This month's Best Practices message is a reminder of components of the Rules of Conduct that govern your business use of social media.


First, be aware of privacy settings for your social media sites.  You need to set privacy and security levels that will control who has access to the business communications you are sharing. 

Never forget that there are different rules for communicating with current IBOs on your team and prospective IBOs.  Also remember that you must have existing relationships to contact

people online about the Amway Independent Business Opportunity or products offered by Amway.  If someone online shows interest in the opportunity or the products, then certainly

talk with them about it but do so personally, not publicly.  It is best to do it offline.  And remember that you can only solicit interest for the opportunity or the products in a controlled group

of just "your" prospects or customers and not in any way in an open environment.


Did you know that it matters what you name your web or social media pages?  The Rules of Conduct do not permit the use of the Corporation's trademarks or trade names to be a part

of your profile names or page names (see Rule 8.1).   You should use your own name.  Remember also that you need permission from the Corporation to use any of the Corporation's logos

or product images on your social media sites.


If you are planning to place business related images/videos belonging to Amway on any of your sites then you must make sure that you have submitted the materials to Amway for authorization

prior to posting.   Remember - any materials used with your customers or prospects, at your meetings, on the web or with any of your social media connections are considered Business Support Materials

under Rule 7 of the Rules of Conduct and must be submitted to Amway for authorization prior to use. This applies to any business related materials you produce or that are produced on your behalf

by another entity.  For most of you who are associated with an Approved Provider (AP), your AP will take care of having all BSMs approved for you. 


Keep in mind that videos, music or images of any kind that you do not own may not be used in any way at any time on social media. 


There may be occasions in your social media experiences when you run into an IBO from a different group or different training organization.  If this occurs, check with your Upline for assistance. 

There is no benefit to anyone who is trying to build an Amway Independent Business to engage in arguing or participating in a long discussion on different approaches or training.  Everyone is working

towards the same thing - success - just taking different paths to get there.


Bottom line - regardless of the platform you're using (i.e. websites, social media, blogs, etc.), your online actions and activities should be consistent with your positive, productive and

compliant offline business practices and strategy.


While we hope this message is helpful, we do know that social media is very complex, so we encourage you to download a copy of the Social Media Guidelines document from for

a quick and ongoing reference as well as review your Business Reference Guide for the Rules of Conduct in their entirety.  You can also check the IBOAI website as it has a summary of online rules

and social media tips that are certain to be beneficial as well.


The Corporation is committed to using social media to increase brand awareness, favorability, and product loyalty among customers and prospective IBOs.  And we are committed to using social media

in a way that is relevant, responsible and honest as well.   Thank you for your commitment to doing the same.