Best Practices Message- December

December 01, 2017

This month’s Best Practice Message is on the subject of Exporting.

You are already aware that it is a Rule violation to export products of any kind offered by Amway outside of North America.

But perhaps you’ve wondered why that Rule is in effect?


There are actually many reasons for this:  Each country has its own product registration requirements, product formulas and product label requirements

that are specific or unique to that country.  There are also trademark and trade name registrations to be considered for each country. 

Additionally, each country has its own import and export laws and other regulations that have to be followed.  And you know as an IBO, the

Rules of Conduct require you to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes that apply to the operation of your Independent Business.


Rule 4.18 in the Rules of Conduct specifically deals with Exporting and Importing.  Because this is so important to the Corporation’s Business and yours, the Corporation,

with full support from the IBOAI, adopted a Rule prohibiting Exporting and Importing.


IBOs are not permitted to import or export products or services offered through or by Amway to or from the United States or its possessions or territories to any other country.  Similarly, IBOs shall not import or export products or services offered through or by Amway to or from Canada or the Dominican Republic.  It doesn’t matter whether Amway has an affiliate in that country or not. IBOs are also prohibited from knowingly selling to others who import or export.


If IBOs import or export or knowingly sell to others who import or export, they can place Amway and all IBOs in jeopardy, in both countries.

Simply put, product offered by Amway should not cross borders. 


In addition, please be aware that IBOs are presently being solicited by persons previously unknown to the IBOs wanting to buy relatively large amounts of products.

We believe many, if not most of these solicitations are from persons who fully intend to export the products to other countries. Please immediately contact your upline

if you are contacted by a person previously unknown to you who is requesting to buy a relatively large volume of products. 


This Best Practices Message gave you a few highlights or reminders – but can’t cover everything you need to remember,

so you may want to review Rule 4.18 for the full details of the prohibition against Exporting and Importing.