February 01, 2019

As you’ve discovered, Amway™ offers the best opportunity there is to own a Business.  We are attracting new IBOs from diverse backgrounds - from different ethnicities

and social backgrounds. Our Best Practices make it clear that acceptance of others is a crucial part of our Business.


Regardless of backgrounds, where we live, or for whom we vote, this Business can help each of us achieve our goals and dreams. And just as we are committed to supporting people

who want to operate their own businesses, we’re also committed to acceptance.  There is room for everyone in this Business – no matter how different we may be in our religious beliefs,

political affiliations, or other viewpoints and opinions. It’s part of what makes our Business strong and successful.


It’s especially important to be mindful of this during Business Meetings, where there is a tendency to share personal beliefs with others from the stage.

While it is fine to talk about how important our beliefs are in our own lives and how they’ve helped us build our Businesses, it is not acceptable to say that other IBOs need to

believe the same thing.  The one common belief that team members should share in is the power of this Business and a commitment to building it.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are proud of you and your commitment to building a balanced and profitable business.