Best Practices Message- May 2018

May 01, 2018

Best Practice Message: Unauthorized Retail Selling Establishments & Unauthorized Online Selling


This month's Best Practice Message is regarding unauthorized retail selling establishments and unauthorized online selling.


As you know, IBOs provide customers with personalized service, product knowledge and high quality products backed by the 180-day 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.*


For all of those reasons the Rules of Conduct prohibit the display and sale of product offered by Amway in retail settings.  This includes not only brick and mortar businesses like schools, fairs, kiosks, vending machines, military stores, salons and professional offices, but also on websites like eBay®, Craigslist® and Amazon®.


IBOs who sell products in prohibited settings or through prohibited channels, or who knowingly sell products to others to sell in these venues, are in violation of the Rules of Conduct.


The Corporation takes unauthorized selling very seriously and has taken many measures to stop it.


Products sold through these locations are void of any of Amway's Warranties, the 180-day, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or the Buy-Back policy (*Exclusions apply).  For complete details, visit and search:  Satisfaction Guarantee.  In addition, there is no assurance these products are genuine or in their original form.  They may also be out of date or defective.


Let's make sure our brand image stays strong, and your customers continue to receive the high quality products and service they're accustomed to, by keeping our products out of retail establishments and unauthorized websites.


The unauthorized online sale of product hurts all IBOs and we are dedicated to continue to work to stop this in order to protect all IBOs and their Businesses.


This Best Practices Message gave you a few highlights - if you require further information you can review Rule 4.5 for the full details of your responsibilities regarding Retail establishments and Online Selling.  Amway's Legal & Rules Departments are working diligently to stop unauthorized selling and will be making great strides in 2017 to that end.