News to Know about Auto Renewal and Your IBOAI® Membership

November 28, 2018

Your Amway Auto Renewal and Your IBOAI® Membership may need your immediate attention. Some IBOs on auto-renewal were inadvertently renewed by Amway without including the IBOAI Dues. 

Signing up for Auto Renew at is an easy way to ensure your IBO Business is automatically renewed at the start of each calendar year.  Keep in mind when you sign up, you must select the option for IBOAI membership to ensure your membership continues – and, when you’re notified your Business is about to automatically renew, be sure to double check the IBOAI membership option is selected.

Take the time now to check to make certain you’ve been renewed with your IBOAI Membership. You can call Amway’s Customer Service, at 800-253-6500, to make certain this was processed correctly.

You don’t want to miss out on the benefits of IBOAI membership! Learn more about the IBOAI at